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Dispensary FAQs

What types of medications are available?

We carry oral chemotherapeutic agents as well as blood thinners to treat your medical problems.

We also carry medications to help with nausea, sleep, depression, heartburn, anxiety, mood, mouth sores and infections that may result from your treatment.

Will my insurance cover the cost of my medication?

If you are interested in using our dispensary to fill your prescription, a member of the dispensary staff will verify your insurance coverage and inform you if we can provide you this service.

Will my prescription co-payment be different than at my usual pharmacy?

If your insurance allows you to fill your prescription at our office, your co-pay will be the same as if you went to your outside pharmacy to pick-up your medication.

Must I fill my prescription at your office?

Absolutely not.  The dispensary is available as a convenience to you.


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