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Chemotherapy is the use of medications to treat cancer.  Depending on the specific medicine, it may be given intravenously (injected into your veins) or orally in pill form.  

Chemotherapy “regimens” can be made up of one medication or a combination of medications.  Each course of chemotherapy is different but generally consists of four to six administrations, or "cycles".  Your personalized plan will depend upon which treatment your doctor prescribes.  

Chemotherapeutic agents can have a wide variety of side effects.  We will schedule you a dedicated teaching visit to educate you about your cancer, your cancer treatment, and its possible side effects.  We feel this is the best way to educate you about what is going to happen, so that you will know what to do should you experience any unwanted symptoms. We know that the more you know, the better your treatment will go.

During your chemotherapy visits, you will have your blood drawn, see the doctor, and receive your treatment.  The administration of some chemotherapy drugs may take only seconds or minutes, while others may take hours.  The type of infusion and length of treatment is determined by your type of cancer and will be discussed at your teaching visit.

You are welcome to bring a friend or family member along with you on the day of your chemotherapy.

Our chemotherapy suite has many of the comforts of home.  We provide magazines, TV, DVDs, and WiFi.  You may also bring your own DVDs and you may bring along your own headset to listen to music. There is an ongoing jigsaw puzzle that you and/or your visitor may work on.  We have a microwave and a small refrigerator to store perishable food items, as well as a supply of crackers, juices, water, and goodies of the day.

The suite is generally cool.  You may wish to dress in layers.  We also have blankets available for your comfort.

For the comfort of others, we ask that you please refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes or scented lotions in the chemotherapy suite.  Thank you.

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